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How to edit resume templates in MS Word

Before You Start

1. Install Required Fonts:

This is really imporrtant. Without fonts that are used to build our Resume Templates all design might not look good.

Click here if you have a Mac

Click here if you have a Windows PC

2. Install MS Office

If you do not have Office (at least 2007 version) you need to install it. You can download it from the Microsoft site. It will be free full version for first month. It works on Mac and Windows. You can download it here:

Download MS Office

3. Edit the Resume Template

On the left side you can see a menu with instructions how to edit the resume template. Our Resume Templates are created by using tables and Text Boxes (usually only for the header section). You can read more here: How Templates Are Constructed.

4. Proofread Your Resume

Carefully proofread the final document before sending it.

5. Send It As a PDF Document

Here is a tutorial how to save a Word document as a PDF document:

How to Save as a PDF

PDF documents look always the same on all types of computers or systems. You will be sure that there are no errors on the template desing. Also PDF documents can be opened on all modern web browsers, so no need to have an extra software.