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How to edit resume templates in MS Word

How to Edit Icons

Download and install Font Awesome: Font Awesome (Download Free)

Icons in our templates come as a special font, not images. This means that icons can be edited in the same way as a standard text.

Select an icon and you can change the size of the icon and the color just like you are doing it for the standard text.

You can also add more icons. For example if you want to add a facebook link to the contact section you can also add a facebook icon.

Click when you want to add the icon and click "Insert" and "Symbol" and "More Symbols".

A new window will pop up. Click Fonts and choose one of the Font Aweosme fonts. Font Awesome 5 Brands is with the social media company icons. Choose the icon and click "Insert". Please note that when you click "Insert" the window will not close so you also need to click "Cancel".

Editing Icons Editing Icons