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How to edit resume templates in MS Word

How to Add a Content to Your Resume


Resume and Cover Letter templates come with a dummy text and predefine text styles. Each element has own text style. Text styles are available under the "Home" tab - it is called "Style Gallery".

Font Styles

For example:

- section title like "Work Experience", "Contact Education", etc. has a style called "Section Title". If you type some plain text and click this style from the "Style Gallery" it will be automatically transformed to look like other section titles.

Font Styles

Adding Your Content

The fastest way to add you content is to select the dummy text and start typing your own.

For example:

- select "position title here" and type the real one.

Spaces between sections are blank paragraphs (usually two or one paragraph) with selected "Blank" text style:

Blank Paragraph

Adding a New Section

If you want to add a new section the best idea is to copy an existed one and change the text.

For example you want to add a new job position with a description. Copy the existing one and paste it in the place you want. This will copy all the font styles, so you will keep the design of the resume template.

Copy Section

Another example:

- you want to have a skills list and a new one with your hobbies. Copy the existing skills list and paste it above or below the skills list (hobbies should be the last section in the resume). Now edit the section title and the content. If your new list does not have bullets, select it and choose "Bullet Skills" from the "Style Gallery".

Copying the Content From External Sources

You can also copy your text from an external document (like your old resume). But please note that when you directly copy a text from an external document (like Word) you also copy the whole font style. Then you need to select the copied text and choose the proper font style from predefined font styles from the "Style Gallery".