Resumes That Stand Out

How to edit resume templates in MS Word

How Resume Templates Are Constructed


Our resume templates are mostly constructed by using tables.

Click somewhere on the template main text and under "Table Tools" click the "Layout" tab and then click "View Gridlines". Gridlines show the cell boundaries of a table on the screen. Gridlines appear only on the screen; they are never printed.

View Gridlines

Viewing Gridlines is helpful. You can for example change the table width.

Changing the Table Width or Height

Rest the cursor on the right side of the column boundary you want to move until it becomes a resize cursor Resize Icon, and then drag the boundary until the column is the width you want.

Using the same method you can also change the table height.

Moving the Whole Table

In some cases you will need to move up or move down the whole table with the main content.

Right-click on the main content and from the menu click "Table Properties".

Table Properties

Click "Positioning".

Table Positioning

Change the value for "Vertical Position".

Vertical Position

Header Section of the Resumes

Header section (usually where your name and job positions are) are mostly created by using "Text Boxes". When you click on "Jenny Smith" you will see a "Text Box" around the text. You can move it around a page. Sometimes you will need to move it a little.

Click on the header text. You will see a border around the text.

Text Box

Hover the mouse cursor over the border and when the cursor changes to the four headed arrow, click it and drag it to the new location.

Text Box